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Technological developments have many positive or negative effects on every aspect of our lives. The importance of effective use of technology in the field of education has been understood once again, especially in the last period when distance education gained importance with the holiday of schools as a result of Covid-19.

Teachers, students and parents tried to benefit from various educational formations in this process. In this article, we wanted to discuss one of the educational institutions, Khan Academy.

Founded in 2006 by Salman Khan in the United States, the platform is now used in 190 countries and is a non-profit organization that aims to offer free learning anytime, anywhere. The content on the platform is open to everyone, regardless of profession. The organization has adopted lifelong learning as a principle.

While students can learn gradually in line with programmed education, teachers can use this platform in their classrooms and enrich their learning environments.

Khan Academy, which has a rich digital library, also allows us to access various resources in many fields from primary education to university.

With the subtitle feature of the videos, the platform also provides convenience to people from different countries and hearing-impaired individuals.

It is thought that the active use and dissemination of such institutions that provide equal opportunity in education will increase efficiency in education.

Try, fail; but finally learn it completely!”
Salman Khan – Founder of Khan Academy.

For more: https://tr.khanacademy.org/

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