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The Art of Happiness Hygge Philosophy

The Art of Happiness Hygge Philosophy
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Dear Reader,

With this article, we have come to offer a lifestyle that will warm you up in these cold winter days when we are closed to our homes as part of the Covid-19 measures. The name of this lifestyle we will talk about: Hygge Philosophy.

As a result of researches, it is seen that people living in Scandinavian countries are the happiest people in the world. Of course, there are various factors that determine this, but we can say that this philosophy, which emerged especially in Denmark, has a positive effect on people.

So what is this Hygge Philosophy?

In fact, the basic idea on which the philosophy is based is to create living spaces where you will feel peaceful, happy and enjoy the moment. For this, you can make small changes in home decoration, maybe put a candle on your table, and make use of yellow light while illuminating your home.

The essence of the job is to turn to the natural. Spending time with loved ones, enjoying the moment, reading a favorite book, consuming favorite snacks, a hot drink and most importantly being grateful for what we have in life form the basis of this philosophy.

There is also a book written to promote this lifestyle. In fact, there are two more books in the set with different ideas. You can make changes in your living space by making use of these books. These days when we stay at home, you can adopt this lifestyle and create a pleasant living space with your family.

Maybe what we need is a return to nature, to nature, to the moment. Who knows…

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