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What is the Martenichka Tradition? How is it done?

What is the Martenichka Tradition? How is it done?
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With the arrival of spring and the warming of the weather, everyone was filled with enthusiasm. Today we will tell you about a Bulgarian tradition to celebrate the arrival of spring.

This tradition, which continues today, especially in the Thrace region, is called “Baba Marta” by the Bulgarian people.

You can either make the bracelets made of red and white woolen threads for yourself or gift them to your loved ones.

The red color symbolizes health and strength, and the white color symbolizes a long life.

You made a wish and tied it to your wrist at the beginning of March, and the first time you see a swallow or stork, you have to remove it and attach it to a tree. Thus, it is believed that the wish will come true.

Don’t forget to make your bracelets and make your wishes. We wish spring brings all the beauties to everyone.

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