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A Shamanic Teaching: The lesson continues until you learn

A Shamanic Teaching: The lesson continues until you learn
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What is shamanism?

Shamanism, which is a teaching, is a common view among Turks before the adoption of Islam. Shamans, who believe in the healing power of nature, are also called healers; They performed various rituals and affirmations for people to find healing. The various shaman teachings of shamans that have survived until today are of the quality to carry the motto of life.

Mankind encounters various difficulties in the journey called life. The right thing is to learn from the difficulties and mistakes and continue on the path of life. Life; Putting what you need to learn from everything that happens to you, from every person you come across, is to keep going.

“I give up now” in your life. “I’m tired of trying, I’m always going through the same things.” “Do these negativities always find me?” If you started to say the words frequently, “Stop!” It’s time to say. You should look at this situation not as bad results finding you, but as your life journey, asking you to fill the missing piece in your bag and continue on your way. Wrong relationships, wrong friendships, wrong job, wrong decisions… Each one of them has a reason why it happens to us. Because life is waiting for you to learn your lesson and move on your way stronger.

If you are in a continuous cycle, do not give up and it is no longer the way you always do against negativity; try to act like you can’t. Don’t forget!

“The lesson continues until you learn.”

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