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The World's First Temple Göbeklitepe

The World’s First Temple Göbeklitepe
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History today, we are hidden at the beginning of history.

Göbeklitepe, I came to learn about you!

Göbeklitepe is the universe that brings the sky and the earth together and embraces us as a whole, the tree of life. Full of secrets, mysteries, questions, fascinating and intriguing. How were these structures built at that time? Why was it chosen? Why was it covered with earth? There are many question marks waiting to be answered.

But isn’t there a secret in everything anyway? Every human has mysteries inside. But the facts are stubborn. No matter how much it is covered up, sooner or later it will come to light…

As a result of the studies, Göbeklitepe, located in Şanlıurfa, has taken its place on the stage of history as the oldest temple of humanity. Work continues in this Neolithic Settlement, which is frequented by many local and foreign tourists with its mysterious and fascinating atmosphere. 

In the past, people believed in the existence of a creator. They needed a temple where they could practice their beliefs, and they built the stones reaching to the sky. It is thought that the stones in Göbeklitepe symbolize the Gods, and the small icons in various animal figures symbolize the protectors of the Gods.

The presence of various animal and plant figures on the stones reveals that these people settled down and engaged in agricultural activities.

The figures on the stones contain many solved and meanings that need to be solved. Many figures, such as the decapitated vulture figure extending a sacrifice to the sky, prove that the first people built this place as a temple to fulfill their religious beliefs and worship.

The fact that these structures are located in Şanlıurfa, which is called the “City of Prophets”, reveals the sanctity and mystery of this place. 

Göbeklitepe, which has managed to attract attention with the Atiye series, continues to maintain its magic when it is associated with the details in the series after going and seeing it.

This century-old tree, which is located right next to the ruins that we see constantly in the series, makes the mystical atmosphere of the environment feel to our bones. This tree, in which children are tied to a rag so that children are born before they die in the series, and which we encounter constantly before the gates are opened, makes one say that there is definitely a meaning.

In short, this must-see place has opened a new page in history and it looks like it will continue to do so.

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